Hurry Up and Wait

Now that Chad and I have made the decision to travel, it seems as though we are at a stand still. There are things that we have been researching and discussing, but mostly we just have to wait until the middle of January to make some real progress.

We (meaning Chad) has been researching “travel-hacking” which, as far as I can tell, is using credit card miles or points to pay for your travel. We got an airline miles credit card almost two years ago and have been using it to pay all of our bills, including groceries, dining out…everything. Through Chads fastidious and careful watch we have accumulated almost 200,000 miles on one card and are on our way to getting another 50,000 on another card. This is just by using the credit cards instead of our debit cards. Chad has been awesome about watching for special ways to earn more miles and such and because of this we have enough points on our cards to fly free our whole trip.

There is more to travel-hacking than just flights such as transferring points and balances to get special deals on hotels and such, but honestly it is totally confusing to me. Hence the fact that Chad is reading about it and I am not. I get information overload while exploring options on the internet and feel as though my brain is melting. I am continually grateful that I have Chad because he can sift through the massive amounts of information and find the gems and then pass along the info to me in a clear way. I really don’t know what I would do without him.

So we are waiting for a few of things to start getting rid of our stuff and packing our bags: (1) Chad has to give notice at his work, (2) we have to make a final decision on where we are going (Argentina most likely first, then???), and (3) we have to book our flights. After these have been done then the whirlwind of real preparations can begin. So until then, we just sit and wait and we research and pray.

Do you have any favorite places that you think we should travel to? Leave a comment and let us know why!



4 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Lovely Jen! You will get there soon, and I expect some awesome postcards 🙂 I have a few international favorites, we should have tea and discuss! Xo Jill

  2. I have heard that there is an exotic location that is also very family friendly. Especially Zoe friendly. Comes with a full kitchen and 2 cars. One is an older model; more of a vw van look and then there is also a super nifty new mini cooper in a beautiful yellow. Got a lot of power for the owner to handle but some day she will be Monte Carlo bound I am sure. 🙂
    While many feel that France is too mainstream I found it to be so inspiring. The Art, the Culture, the Beauty of the land and the immensity of history. I truly felt as though I was in awe always. There is also a BSF Class in France. 🙂

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