Wednesday Write-Up: Welcome to the Jungle

One of our friends was leaving on a three month trip of his own, so he kindly sublet his home to us for the remainder of our stay in Taipei. And it is not just any home, it is an actual house home!

Taipei is filled with high-rise apartment buildings, one right after the other. Different apartments have different amenities, just like anywhere else in the world, but one thing that I never realized still existed in Taipei was actual free-standing houses. Well, now I know that they exist because we are renting one.

Our Taipei home is found by walking up a foot path about 3 feet wide, starting between two multi-story apartment buildings, up some stairs through the jungle type landscape and finally coming to a few one-story homes grouped together amongst the greenery. It is such a beautiful sight to see! I feel like every time we enter our walk way, we are disappearing into our secret garden. And every time we leave our little oasis, we are smack dab in the main city center, within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and Taipei 101 (the third tallest building in the world). It really is a trip, I love it.


A real free-standing house in Taipei!
(c) andthreetogo


The view of the jungle from our front door
(c) andthreetogo

We have not been doing much in the way of tourist sights lately though. Zoë got a heat rash over a good portion of her body about a week ago. After researching, I found out heat rash (or prickly heat) is very common for children in climates like Taiwan’s. So we have been following the wise and all-knowing internet’s instructions and soothing Zoë’s itching with calamine lotion and keeping her out of the heat . This means that we leave the house only to eat lunch and dinner and to visit air-conditioned places. It also means that we have to take taxis everywhere, which you will not hear me complain about. I do love to walk, but it is nice to have an excuse to be lazy sometimes.

Please pray, send good thoughts, or what ever you choose to do, that Zoë’s heat rash will clear up soon. I hate seeing her uncomfortable. Also, if you know of any sure-fire treatments for heat rash let me know! I can’t wait to take Zoë to all the amazing places there are to see on this beautiful island. Here’s to hoping that she heals quickly and we can explore more of the city for my Friday post. Cheers!


One thought on “Wednesday Write-Up: Welcome to the Jungle

  1. now I want to see a picture from the front with the narrow passageway in- between the two apt. buildings! Sounds like the Harry Potter train station! Poor ZoZo. I shall be praying for her.
    Still love the write ups even if they aren’t about sites each time; good to get the full picture of travel.

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