Monday Montage: Settling In – HuaHin Edition

We are now all settled into our villa here in HuaHin. In between swimming, exploring, and getting used to driving on the left hand side of the road I have taken a few pictures. I hope you like them!


My favorite breakfast at Yummy Cafe, the Issan breakfast (Issan sausage, a potato pancake, sticky rice and a spicy chili sauce… so delicious).


A statue of Predator made from bike chains  that was in front of some random local video store. 


I ate the eyes of this delectable sweet and sour fried fish. It was surprisingly good.


Funny story, while getting used to driving on the left side of the road, I decided in my mind that the directions had switched, right was now left. I confused Chad numerous times telling him to turn left at the light, when we actually had to turn right. Sometimes I really miss being blonde.


I just love the way that Thai writing looks. This is part of one of the restaurants on the beach near our house.


An amazing piece of art at Cicada Weekend Market


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