Monday Montage: Bangkok-Take Three

I am delving into a new technological world today. We are currently in Bangkok (yes, again… We just can’t get enough it seems), and I am having to use our iPad to post this. I am really hoping it goes without a hitch… Sometimes I think this thing has some sort of vendetta against me.

My mom is leaving tomorrow night staying with us forever (yes, that is me living in reality). I love my mom, not only as my mother but also my friend. Despite my sometimes frustrations with her loving advice, I really hate that we are so far apart. She truly makes me feel honored coming all this way to see me (and Chad and Z of course). That is all I want to say, I refuse to be sad until after she is at the airport, we have 30 more hours and I am going to make them wonderful dammit!

Here are the pictures I took this week… enjoy! And thank you again for reading!


I was really touched that the mall in Hua Hin kindly warned everyone of the coming attack.


This is a bit fuzzy, but I like that the inspiration for fun is “happy water.”


Do all my photos look this blurry, or is it just because I am using this darn iPad? I love the  “How to do” and “How to make” with the corresponding empty white bubbles. I think I can definitely do and make it now?!


Bangkok traffic from above. I love the pink taxis


7 thoughts on “Monday Montage: Bangkok-Take Three

  1. My mum is my best friend too! I can understand how you feel. When I got married, it hit on me that I was going to stay apart from my mum. I was quite sad about it.
    Back to your location in Thailand, I hope the protests on the streets aren’t terrifying and dangerous from how I read your post. It certainly sounds and looks scary on the news.

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