Wednesday Write-Up: Survey

We are heading back to Bangkok for a couple of days. We are going to do some shopping and hang out, and tomorrow night I pick up my mom from the airport! I am so excited I can barely stand it. This means a couple of things, 1) I will not have my laptop with me in Bangkok, hence the short post today, and 2) there will be posts of some fun and interesting things to do and see in Thailand as we will be taking my mom (and you as well) to see all that Hua Hin (and other parts of Thailand) has to offer.

Since I am writing this quickly (I still haven’t packed for our excursion today, oops), I figured I would survey you about what you would like to see on our blog. Here are my questions for you:

Would you like to see specific things in the pictures on my Monday Montage or should I do some theme days?

What kind of activities in Thailand would you like to read about here?

Do you have any suggestions on what would make my posts more exciting or interesting to you?

I am leaving the rest of this post up to you, my lovely friends and readers. I look forward to your replies!


Monday Montage: Settling In – HuaHin Edition

We are now all settled into our villa here in HuaHin. In between swimming, exploring, and getting used to driving on the left hand side of the road I have taken a few pictures. I hope you like them!


My favorite breakfast at Yummy Cafe, the Issan breakfast (Issan sausage, a potato pancake, sticky rice and a spicy chili sauce… so delicious).


A statue of Predator made from bike chains  that was in front of some random local video store. 


I ate the eyes of this delectable sweet and sour fried fish. It was surprisingly good.


Funny story, while getting used to driving on the left side of the road, I decided in my mind that the directions had switched, right was now left. I confused Chad numerous times telling him to turn left at the light, when we actually had to turn right. Sometimes I really miss being blonde.


I just love the way that Thai writing looks. This is part of one of the restaurants on the beach near our house.


An amazing piece of art at Cicada Weekend Market

REVIEW: Sea Harmony Guesthouse

By: Chad M

It has been far too long since I have written anything for our blog. Jenny has been keeping it going full steam, with the occasional edit or hastily snapped picture being my only contributions. It has long been my intention to write more, to be a stronger part of the blogging process, but I have been remiss in my duties.

So it was when I noticed Jenny’s tired sigh squeal of delight as she sat down to write her blog once again (she keeps it going 3 times a week!), that I decided I should take another turn. Besides, it was going to be a review, and if there is one thing I truly enjoy doing, it is writing reviews of experiences we have enjoyed. And this one was particularly enjoyable as it was a place we stayed that we had to share and to recommend.

We have mentioned before that we enjoy finding unique places to stay on our trip. Or, more accurately, we try to find places that incorporate our sense of adventure and our desire to meet new people, tempered by our need for security and a comfortable place to bring our 2-year-old daughter; A daughter that is frequently exhibiting her growth with exhibitions of energy and excitement.

Babycinno for the toddler. No caffeine here!

Babycinno for the toddler. No caffeine here!

So, with that in mind we did some snooping online to find a place in Hua Hin, Thailand that would be a great balance and be affordable as well. We only needed the place for five or so days until we could find longer-term housing.

Fortunately for us, we stumbled on a place that not only met our needs, but was one of those places that easily surpassed our expectations in every way. The place, Sea Harmony, is one of those places you might find in more boutique parts of the world, like the Pacific Northwest, or perhaps somewhere on one of the coasts in Australia. By that I mean it is an eco-conscious affair, with a flair for design and taste, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Details. Details... Awesome.

Details. Details… Awesome.

This might be because two charming individuals, a couple from Australia, run it with the attention to detail they have acquired from traveling the world themselves. Indy and Node, and their two dogs, Kasha and Pela, welcome guests into their place and treat them as if you were guests in their very home. This might be because they also stay on-site in one of the rooms, and make sure to attend to their guests’ needs as if they were family.

From the moment we arrived, and were treated to blue flower essence water, we knew we had found a place that we would forever appreciate.  The little details, whether it was the welcome arrangement of towels, bottles of water, and info pamphlet on the bed, or the way that Node personally informed us of the way the guesthouse operated, was a nice refresher after months of more impersonal stay along the way.

Each room is delightfully decorated.

Each room is delightfully decorated.

Inviting isn't it?

Inviting isn’t it?

Upon waking the second day, we found that we were mere meters from the beach, and in a fairly laid-back area slightly outside of Hua Hin called Khao Takiab. There were frequent taxis, convenience stores close by, and no lack of amenities to complain about.

The rest of our days there only furthered the first impressions. One of the most impressive parts is the extensive way that the owners of Sea Harmony have incorporated eco-friendly details into every aspect of their guesthouse. They have done extensive plumbing to incorporate greywater (non-sewage waste water) to hydrate their plants, utilized solar outlets for low-wattage appliances, and are even working on incorporating the hotel’s gardens produce into their meals.

No fish were harmed in the making of this pic.

No fish were harmed in the making of this pic.

And that brings me to the second aspect of what makes Sea Harmony such a great place to stay… the food and coffee.

Across the street from the guesthouse is the small café, where guests are treated to complimentary breakfasts (depending on the room rented) and perhaps the best coffee in all of SE Asia. Not only that, but they also have great prices, and a delightful atmosphere and very attentive staff. Of course usually Indy or Node can be found there as well, brewing the coffee and chatting with their customers, and offering helpful advice to all who visit. The strongest testament to their service is the fact that previous guests of the guesthouse return often to the coffee shop to visit. In fact we have been back almost every day since we left, to eat, or to grab a coffee and visit. We even bought a traditional coffee filter, that Indy took the time to carefully instruct as to the use, and coffee to go along with it.

Overall Sea Harmony Guesthouse is one of those places that is more than just a place to stay. It is a resting point for weary travelers, a waypoint for people on the road, and most importantly a second home for those who need it.

A well-deserved 5 thumbs up from Andthreetogo to Sea Harmony!