Monday Montage: 101!!!

So I realized after I published my post on Friday, that it was my 100th post! Since I did not realize in time  to celebrate it then, I decided to celebrate my 101st post instead. I was shocked to realize that Chad and I have written so much already. Reaching this milestone made me realize that my year mark is also coming up soon and it made me remember all the great times we have had traveling so far.  It has made me look back at all the things we have done  and I am thankful that I was able to blog to remember the good food, the bad grammar, and the ugly blurry photos. Thank you all for reading what we have written and for all the support, love,  encouragement, and the occasional needed  kick in the pants while we have been on this journey so far. I truly hope that you enjoy reading about our life and travels as much as I enjoy writing about them. My hope is that there will be many more posts to come about our travels with our toddler.

Speaking of ugly blurry photos, I have come to the conclusion that I am either a horrendous picture taker, or that my iPhone 4 is just not cutting it anymore. Since I do not believe that anyone can be that bad at photography (or at least I hope that’s true), I have decided that it must be the instrument I am using. So I have come to a crossroads, do I buy a newer iPhone (sorry to all you Droid users out there, I will always be an Apple girl), or buy a point and shoot camera and carry it around everywhere.  For all of you out there that have those perfect pics on your blog and are not using a DSLR, what would you choose? I cannot use a DSLR as I just do not have enough hands or purse space for such a large contraption, not that I would know what I was doing with it anyways.

Until I can change my iPhone, I will try to put up the clearest pictures I can. Here are this weeks….

1-IMG_9059The long tail boats waiting for passengers at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. I just love how colorful and different they look than the boats back home.


  A Thai Guardian statue, or Dvarapala, at the departures area in Suvarnbhumi Airport Bangkok.


What a Hua Hin Thailand electricity bill looks like. They charge about 5 baht a kilowatt/hour (I think that’s how they measure it?).


This guy was hanging out in front of a restaurant we ate at in Bangkok, I thought he was creepy and even now I hate looking at the picture of him. I should never have watched horror movies in my life…


Trying to take a picture of the BTS (Bangkok Sky Train)  is tough, it stops for about thirty seconds to let people on and off.


12 thoughts on “Monday Montage: 101!!!

  1. I love reading about your adventures. Your pics are fine. Hope you are all loving the travels….we miss you guys back in the states.

  2. Happy 100th! Big milestone.

    Love this:
    “good food, the bad grammar, and the ugly blurry photos.”

    …except it didn’t copy the strikeout. Hm. Well, we all know how you wrote it.

    I think camera-wise, from my angle, my phone does about the same job as my point and shoot. Without proper equipment, you are restricted. That’s the bad news.

    The good news is that once upon a time I did get good at using my point and shoot. Of course I had to stop trying to take shots that were never going to work without an SLR, but I could put together a decent album at the end of a trip.

    Note: don’t take my current (poor) photos as evidence of my past photographic ability. Nowadays my main barrier is not my equipment but the time I have to snap a shot before one of the kids gets run over by a bus and/or stops posing. Also there was The Incident after which I barely photographed anything for years and lost all my skills. I was never a pro but the pics used to be much, much better.

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