I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Chad spoiled me this Christmas with a massage package at a the Kanlaya Aromatic and Spa here in Hua Hin. What a lucky lady I am! I had been mentioning how I wanted to try out the clean and large looking spa since we arrived here two months ago. I just have a hard time taking the time to do things like this for myself, so Chad made sure that I did it.

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Yesterday I walked up onto Kanlaya’s porch that is always crowded with employees waiting for the next customer, took off my worn out flip-flops and entered the busy, but still very quiet, spa. The first room is filled with pedicure recliners and foot massage stations. I was taken past this room and back to one of many massage rooms, down one of a many hallways. Did I mention that this place was big?

Chad had bought me a “Body Scrub and Aroma”, which for 1200 baht was 150 minutes of relaxing bliss. What a deal! I had no idea what was entailed in it, but I was eager to find out!

Like I mentioned, there are always many lady and gents waiting on the spa porch for customers to come into the spa. I was a little uncomfortable at first, as I had a man taking care of me, but considering that he had done his makeup beautifully enough to be in a beauty pageant, I was pretty sure he had no interest in seeing a woman’s body in any way except for giving a great massage. So I went with it and acted natural (or at least I think I did?).

My spa package started with a body scrub, I think it was most likely a sea salt scrub, as every cut and mosquito bite that I had was quickly brought to my attention. Luckily, the massage that he gave as he was literally scrubbing salt in my wounds, was so relaxing that it didn’t really bother me at all. After I had been scrubbed for 45 minutes or so, I took a shower in a very clean and tidy shower, with a clean robe and towel.

Then I was slathered with honey that smelled like buttery powdered sugar on pancakes. I was then wrapped in heavy duty saran wrap and covered with a warm towel. I was then given 20 minutes to drool because of the wonderful smell, and try not to get freaked out by the sticky factor of having honey all over me. Oh, I also was given a chance to nap, a mothers dream come true!!

After I was unwrapped from my plastic clothing, I took another shower, and given another clean robe and towel. I figured my time was over and done with, but then I was given an hour Thai massage as well! It was fantastic! I especially loved the head and neck massage.

As I walked out of the massage room, I struggled to walk in a normal fashion as I felt like putty. I have never had such soft skin or relaxed muscles. It was truly a great experience and I want to do it again and again and… Well, you get the picture. I think we will have to live in Thailand just so I can now feed my massage addiction.

If you need a spa treatment in Hua Hin, make sure to go to Kanlaya Aromatic and Spa! The prices are the same as any other spa here, but they exceed the others in customer service, cleanliness, and ambience.

Have you ever done a spa day? What was your favorite part? Leave a comment and let me know!


9 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

  1. Sounds fantastic, both spa treatment and partner 🙂 !!! I have tried some in Thailand too, so affordable over there and normally can’t justify it here. But mainly I’ve had massage though, both there and here, I just love it!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I feel the joy…
    A few years ago, a friend treated me to a spa day in a swanky Beverly Hills spa where they have private rooms and areas for the celebrities (I didn’t see any but heard some whispering). I had a massage but the girl giving it was so wrapped in her troubles of finding a new place to live that I got to hear all about it and how stressed she was (duh, I am the one supposed to be getting reeeelaaaaxed!). And then I had a most wonderful mani/pedi with an hour long foot soak and foot massage and then a hair cut and style. It was wonderful! Here I was a girl from Burbank in Beverly Hills and I felt ritzy for a day!

    • That’s awesome Auntie! Except for the unprofessional masseuse that is. 🙂 I guess she hasn’t heard of leaving your home stuff at home when you go to work.
      Regardless that sounds like a great day! I think I need to make some friends on Beverly Hills. 🙂 haha

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