Monday Montage: Back to the Present

Last week I had so much fun going through all of our photos and posts. It made me re-realize that God has truly blessed us with the ability to travel the world. It made me ready to start traveling again. We are visiting Kuala Lumpur this month, and have many other plans in the works. Make sure to follow/subscribe and come along with us!

So a quick and funny story for today before I show you my first photos of 2014. Zoë (and Chad) proved that she is a true world traveler today as we were taking a long tail boat taxi with friends that are visiting (hooray!).  She said she needed to go potty, which was a bit of a conundrum as we had another 30 minutes at least to our destination and there was not a toilet on the small boat we were on. Not knowing what else to do, Chad quickly and strongly held Z’s bare butt over the side of the boat and she peed in the river. The cutest part was when she yelled, “I did it” at the top of her lungs after she was all done. I wish I would have gotten a picture, but I was too worried at the time that she would fall overboard. Oh well, hindsight…

On that note, here are the photos from this week. Thank you again for a great 2013!


My favorite tree in our front yard. I love the way the roots wrap around each other and branch out.


Zoë and our cat (for now) Squeaky. They are inseparable when we are outside.


Soi (Thai for street) dog caught digging in the trash.


Our new favorite beach, Army Beach. More on this beach to come in a later post.


This realistic Thai police officer statue is warning everyone that children must wear helmets on scooter. You would think that would be a no-brainer, but unfortunately most children (and adults) go scooting without helmets. In fact I saw a motorbike with 2 adults and four children on it a couple of days ago… all of them without helmets.


What a profound and utterly confusing and horrible statement on a notebook. I can see this being many peoples reason for obesity? Huh?!


The train at Hua Hin train station.


Z made a friend at Pranburi Mangrove Nature trail today. She and Peter would not let go of each other and both cried when they had to go their separate ways, it is too bad he goes home to Moscow tomorrow. It was heartbreaking and adorable.


12 thoughts on “Monday Montage: Back to the Present

  1. Awwh, little sweethearts…! My daughter (3 yrs) and her best friend “got married” on a slide almost a year ago (don’t know how they came up with that game, we hadn’t even talked about weddings). He told me he took her on a honeymoon with a lego plane. Shortly before Christmas an “older” boy , almost 5 ;),at daycare had told my daughter she’s his girl. She wondered how many boyfriends she can have… and I thought these questions would come about 10 years later…

    • A post about the beaches here? I am planning a post comparing all the beaches I have visited here in the next couple of weeks. Is that what you mean? Or did I say something specific and totally forget (it has been known to happen)?

      • Forgetful? I am never forgetful. (I was belly laughing at your comment. I’m always forgetful!_

        There was a photo of a beach in this particular post and you said there’d be more to come on that in future posts. (I think, which I’m not so good at lately, you might have said it was your new favorite?) So it will probably be included in your upcoming beaches post. The word “beach” always makes me perk up!

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