Monday Montage: Adventure on the Horizon

We are leaving our house at 4:30 am tomorrow. Why would we be leaving at such a god forsaken hour you ask? Because we will be on our way to Malaysia!
Or at least I hope we will.
If you haven’t heard it yet, there are massive protests going on in Bangkok today that are supposed to shut it down. Completely down, as in no one goes anywhere in or near Bangkok. We are hoping that the expressways will be open tomorrow early morning so we can make our flight to Kuala Lumpur (KL). Keep us in your thoughts an prayers tomorrow that we make it.
This will be a quick visa run so that we can spend more time in Thailand. If we can’t make our flight, one, we will have an awesome story to tell, and, two, we will have to go to Burma instead. Whatever happens, I hope to have exciting stories and wonderful pictures to share with you all.
Here are my photos taken this week… I have decided to get a point-and-shoot camera (Chad is currently researching what kind we should get) to facilitate more pictures and hopefully better pictures. I am sure that I am a talented photographer and it is just my iPhone that is taking bad pictures. Do you have any suggestions of a great inexpensive camera? Help me!


“Under A Million Sold”… This had me laughing. Everyone was buying these burgers though, so maybe she will make it to a million soon.


Laura and I went out, just us girls, one night last week. Woo Hoo! This was a Thai cover band that plays 70’s rock at a bar called the Moon Light. Everyone at the place was singing along and it was a really fun place.


Geronimo’s Asian cousin owns a bar?


Look at all those options for wine! Yummy… especially the Bottle prsecco vine.


Sean and Chad practicing with the slingshots that never got used against the monkeys.


Our gardener and housekeeper have started to bring their daughter with them to our house. Zoë loves playing with her and they both love to share their snacks.


These figures are at the Cicada Night Market here in Hua Hin right now. I find them eerie and interesting.


18 thoughts on “Monday Montage: Adventure on the Horizon

  1. Oh, boooooy, use your good common sense.
    Your pictures are fine.
    It is interesting to see so much English in the signs. Are there a lot of English speaking people there?
    Lots of love,

  2. Such a small world! Tell Sean and Laura that Cathy from TLC says HI!
    Love your blogs!
    And Blue Fish is still going strong!

    • I will tell them when I see them again. It is such a small world, I realize that more and more each time I travel.
      I am glad you like the blog and thank you for letting me know about blue fish! You are obviously a much better fish momma than me. 🙂

    • Don’t feel bad, I wouldn’t have known before I started traveling either. I am glad you asked because I probably should have explained that.
      A visa run is done when your visa is about to expire in the country you are visiting and you go to another country quickly to be reset the timer on the visa in the original country. So, our visa was expiring in Thailand, so we went to Malaysia so that we could come back and have 30 more days in Thailand. 🙂

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