So Far So Good… Singapore

We left our hotel in Phuket, Thailand early this morning to go to Singapore.
The Phuket Airport was quite easy to get through and our flight to Singapore went without a hitch (if you didn’t count the gentleman behind me resting his arms on my headrest and sharing his incredibly strong body odor).


We checked into our Airbnb place and the family renting us the room seem very nice. The location is great and the we explored much of Chinatown today.
I plan to write more on all this later, as the wifi is spotty here (only drawback to the place we are staying), so I currently writing this on my phone. I should be getting really good at this by now, but really long posts with many pictures are still a bit out of my league.
So far I am fascinated with Singapore and cannot wait to share with you all every detail of our trip!
Thanks for sticking with me through my internet woes!


21 thoughts on “So Far So Good… Singapore

    • Thank you for stopping our blog! I am so excited about the food! We went to Chinatown complex last night and are much of the cheap food there. I am looking forward to other places too. Any suggestions where we should go?

    • šŸ™‚ the wifi here at the house we are staying in is hit and miss. I am still going to post on my regular days (M,W, F) but they may just be a little less flashy (haha) than they normally are.
      We will be here for a few more days.

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