Wednesday Write-Up: Waging War on Giving Up

There are many things that I have gladly given up at one time or another while traveling. For example, freshly dried clothing-like in a dryer (isn’t sun-dried so much better anyway, well except for towels I think), or all-natural Tom’s toothpaste, or makeup that matches my skin tone, or even being able to bake (no ovens in Asia for the most part). There is only one thing that I truly (truly truly truly…) miss.

My fun hair color and style.

That's me with platinum blonde hair and purple bangs (fringe) hamming it up with Zoë.

That’s me with platinum blonde hair and purple bangs (fringe) hamming it up with Zoë.

Yep, I know it is completely vain, and that I am on the trip of a lifetime, and I am safe and healthy, and living in Thailand. I am so thankful for all these things and more. But I miss my well-coiffed, straightened, platinum blonde (plus what ever other crazy color I felt like) hair.

For the back story, you can read my original post, Breaking Up is Hard To Do about what I had planned to make traveling easier. In short, I was going to dye my shoulder length hair a normal color and then let it grow out naturally as we traveled.  I did not think that I would be able to find hair stylists that could bleach my hair correctly (I turned out to be right about that actually).

We left in April of 2013 and I had shoulder length red hair, I continued with that until we had been in Portugal for a month or so. My hair started looking more and more like a mullet. It would not grow longer in the front and the back kept getting longer. I had done too much damage throughout the years bleaching it and it was telling me it was time to start over. So I chopped it off, well, a rad hairstylist we met in Lisbon, cut it off. I left her house with a pixie cut. I had never had that short of hair before and I loved it! It was easy, my curls were almost non-existent because it was so short, and I found out that my ears were not as big as I had thought!


My red hair before we left the States.

My red hair before we left the States.

Good-bye hair!

Good-bye hair!

My pixie cut in red.

My pixie cut in red.

Then I got bored with the red hair and decided to dye it black in Budapest. Bad idea! Black is impossible to get rid of and very hard to grow out.

My short hair in black.

My pixie cut in black. Wow, there’s the ears!

I kept getting my hair trimmed along our travels, never really running into any problems. Until Thailand. I decided to get rid of the two-tone hair that I had at the time (black and my natural roots) and cave and bleach my hair and get it cut. I needed something more trendy. More me.

I came out of the mall hair place (yes, I went to the mall and stupidly thought that the hair place there would be good) with  three tones of hair and a pretty bad haircut. That is when I decided that I was going to grow it out. For reals this time. I haven’t touched my hair since.

I took the picture from a good angle, it actually looks good here.

I took the picture from a good angle, it actually looks good here.

And now I am getting to that point, that point that everyone goes through when they are growing out their hair. It’s the dreaded “in-between stage”! I am doing my best to get through it, but now that we are heading home to visit next month I am feeling more and more that my “travel hair-style” is not working for me anymore. I am going to try to power through, but you may start seeing the pictures of me in this blog sporting pink or blue hair or something. I am going to try to win this war, even with every morning trying to do something with my hair is another battle.

People pay good money for ombre like this (or so I am telling myself). Also, I am so thankful that there are not many people that can see the top of my head.

People pay good money for ombre like this (or so I am telling myself). Also, I am so thankful that there are not many people who can see the top of my head.

Getting longer.

Getting longer.

Wow, who knew I could write so much about my hair. Leave a comment and tell me what have you done to make it through the “in-between stage” with your hair? Or better yet, tell me a time when you got a really bad cut or color to make me realize my hair isn’t that bad.

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38 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-Up: Waging War on Giving Up

  1. I’ve been avoiding getting my hair cut out here for as long as I can but I’m in desperate need now! I managed to get a trim when I last visited the UK but I’m sure my hair grows faster in the sunshine or something – it is sooo long and it is just toooo hot right now. I’m going to take the plunge soon… wish me luck!

    • There are a ton of expats that have good suggestions for hair stylists here in Phuket. Look up Phuket New Era Expats on Facebook, its a group that seems to have that kind of info readily available. Good luck!

  2. You look good no matter what stage you are in!!
    My hair has gone from long to short so many times and I am certainly in the age group that used to have blue hair and bouffants and not the trendy blue. Ponytails were always my “hide it” method.
    My favorite color story involves me, a new color “terracotta” and doing it just before a special occasion. The front looked good as I ran out the door. When I came home and had time to inspect I had a bright orange circle on the back of my head surrounded by brownish gray hair. Yep, always check the back of your head before heading out…..

      • I do the same thing! Love the ease of short hair but ive had it for so long i want a change! But its at that in between stage and is driving me crazy! Luckily i live with Paul MMitchell so i can cut it whenever i like. And dont get me started on my gray hair…at 28…i just leave it because people think its purposely done this way;-)

      • In Taiwan, there was hair dye in all the stores to turn your hair grey. It’s a fashion statement there. I think when I go grey, I will say I’m from Taiwan. 🙂

  3. Loved the hair saga and the pictures! Very fun. Years ago (many!) I decided I would try lightening my hair. I went way to light and it turned a yucky dull purple (not the trendy colors of today mind you). I was horrified as we were leaving on vacation the next day and would be seeing some friends we hadn’t seen for many years. I got on the phone and started calling around. Finally found a place that could take me. It was the longest seige in the chair of a salon ever. Poor gal had to strip off all the nasty color. I was so grateful. My next adventure is I want to see how much gray is there. I know it’s a lot and it would probably make me look way older, but there’s a part of me that just wants to try. . . which would probably mean cutting it short to get going. Maybe this summer??? Looking forward to seeing you Jen.

    • Growing out ones hair after dying if for a long period of time is really scary. I actually daily look to see if I have any grey hairs. I actually wouldn’t mind if I went straight to white hair though. Would save a lot on bleaching. 🙂
      Looking forward to seeing you too, friend! Less than a month now!

  4. Gawd, I’ve done so much disservice to my hair! I’ve grown it long so I could get it permed and when I grew tired of it I had it straightened out. The had it colored and rebonded, then relaxed. Now, it’s been 2 years since I’ve done anything extreme, except for occasional dyes to cover up my grey hairs but it’s taking forever to grow it long. Like it’s not growing at all! And hair fall is by the millions! LOL

    • I feel like when I wanted to keep my hair short it was growing about an inch a week, now that I am growing it out, it’s about an inch in 3 months. 🙂 I am not good at waiting…

  5. I have been in the dreaded in-between stage for more than a year. After the birth of my last baby, almost all of my hair fell out in the first 6 months. Some of it stayed, and so I have an “insider mullet” – half of my hair is nearly shoulder length, and the rest is about 4″ long… and it’s curly so it looks full at the roots and stringy at the end. I can’t straighten it any more because too much of my hair falls out when I use the flat iron. I have wanted to chop it off so many times but I do NOT look good in short hair (again, the ears :). I’m very blessed to have found a hair dresser here that speaks English and has curly hair herself. Every time I get a hair cut, I beg her to chop off more, but she resists my pleas and is slowly but surely reshaping the mullet into something respectable. Too bad my hair grows at the speed of a slug! Btw, I LOVE your platinum and purple hair! If only I had the guts to bleach my hair..

    • Oh goodness! I feel your pain with losing hair due to baby. I didn’t after z was born but during my pregnancy, my hair was TERRIBLE!
      I love the platinum and purple too. Purple was always my favorite. Once I grow my hair long enough I definitely see it in my future again. 🙂

  6. It’s funny, because travelling cures me of any desire to do much with my hair. If I sit at home too long, I start getting fidgety and wanting to dye/cut/whatever it. That’s how I know it’s time to start planning another trip!

    Although I kind of like seeing what kinds of cuts I get in different places, too. They’re not all good (some have been) but they all look a little bit local.

    Yours all look great. Can’t have been that hard to find a good angle 🙂 .

  7. Hair? Tell me about it! The amount of bad hair days that I’ve had… Most of the time my hair is pretty cool…if I leave it alone. I like it simple and punky and with a bit of hairspray.

    Over the years however, I’ve dyed my hair red, pink, gold and blonde. The blonde look was a disaster ‘cos I ended up looking ginger! I had cut my hair into a short crop and I was bored so I got my husband to dye it for me. Never again. Poor man! I kept insisting that he put more colour on as my natural hair colour is dark brown. Disaaaster! I looked horrible and my hair was a weird orange-ginger colour. To make matters worse, the dye was permanent. I was Head-Teacher then and I panicked that I looked like a freak but I forgot that in Berlin, anything goes. No body batted an eyelid. Phew.

    Except for the other expats who were horrified. Thanks guys!!
    P.S. I think that I’d look rather dandy with a hint of blue, or maybe pink in my hair again!

  8. Susie sent me over – oh, can I identify! I’ve been coloring my hair for ages now, because I just can’t seem to let it be the silvery grey it really is. I see models with stunning silvery hair, but I’m not there yet. You seem to be having so much fun with your hair! And I enjoy your travel stories – we’ve been to Europe twice, and I loved each country we went to. 🙂

  9. 16 years ago, I had long hair and went in for a highlight. A trainee bleached my hair platinum and trashed it! It had no color at all. It looked WHITE! I freaked out and after that had to put color into my hair.
    A couple years later we went on vacation to the east coast, I was sick when I looked at the pictures. My hair was a yellow color and my skin was pink. It was AWFUL!

    I dyed it back to my natural color soon after. Two years ago, I cut it all off and wear it in a bob.
    This week, I ran into a lady who was shocked to see my auburn (colored) short hair. It’s been like this for three years. “I always think of you as long-haired blonde!”
    You can do a lot with curly hair. I think It’s cute in the photo. Just use styling gel and wear it curly or slick it back behind your ears!
    Thanks for bringing this to the party! Have fun clicking on links and saying hello!

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s always fun meeting new bloggers through your party.
      As far as hair goes, if my hair isn’t blonde I like it to be red. 🙂 bobs are nice because they look stylish without a ton of work.

  10. Oh God, I love Red Hair… can I get a wallet of that first one? Zoë is a cutie… I see lots of blogs coming about that one.

    p.s. Susie sent me… love that red hair too…

  11. What a fun post! Glad to see you’re at Susie’s party. But your hilarious post on your hair woes made me realize that it’s been way, way, WAY too long since I had my hair cut. Once it reaches the point where my ears are just big hair hooks, we need to do some serious cutting. Off with her hair! I do think your hair looks pretty cute in the growing out picture — so jealous of your curls since mine is ironing board straight.

    • It is funny how one always wants what they don’t have. I would give anything for straight hair (well except for trying to straighten it in this heat everyday). Thanks for stopping by again!

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