Friday Food Review: Hua Soi – The Best Place for Lunch in Phuket

I love food. I especially love Thai food. I know that comes as a surprise to all of you. But food drives most of my days. Thinking about where we will eat for lunch or dinner is most often the highlight of my day. So for the next few Fridays, I am highlighting my favorite places to eat here in Phuket.  Be warned, you may not want to read this while hungry.

We have tried many places that make phenomenal Thai food here in our area of Phuket, but my favorite lunch place by far is Hua Soi in Chalong.


Hua Soi is located in front of the Chalong Police Station, right near the Chalong Circle. It is a small place with 7 tables situated around a coffee bar. The owners, a husband and wife team, cook all the food and serve the food. There are a couple of other ladies that work at the coffee bar and help take the orders. It is a small family run restaurant and I love supporting the locals.

The dining area of Hua Soi.

The dining area of Hua Soi.

The menu at Hua Soi is only Thai food, and is not as extensive as some, but they have an “al a carte” menu that offers lunches (main dish plus rice) for 50 baht! All the other food is offered for less than 120 baht a plate. The coffee’s and fruit shakes are also fair priced at 40 baht.

Ok, now to the food… I am glad I just ate dinner because otherwise I would probably be drooling. I have tried many of their dishes and have not had a bad meal yet. Their Som Tam (papaya salad) is fresh and spicy.  The green, panang, and red curries are perfectly blended with meat that is cooked to perfection. The pad thai is the best I have ever had. My personal favorite though, is the chicken with cashew nuts. The flavor is slightly spicy, sweet, savory, and pretty much tastes like a piece of heaven in your mouth. I always have to resist the urge to lick my plate.


The Pad Thai.

The Pad Thai.

The Chicken and Cashew Nuts.

The Chicken and Cashew Nuts.

I always leave Hua Soi feeling full and satiated. I also leave happy because our bill is never over 350 baht (about $12). And then two days later I go back for more (seriously, we eat here about 3 times a week).

If you visit Phuket (or live here) make sure to eat at least once at Hua Soi. You can thank me later!


**I was not asked to write this review or given any free food in return for it (darn it!) and all the opinions are my own. If you try it and do not like it, you must lack taste buds I take no blame. Please see my page of Disclosures, Disclaimers, and Other Legal Stuff.


17 thoughts on “Friday Food Review: Hua Soi – The Best Place for Lunch in Phuket

  1. just be careful with eating out often in thailand. the food is good, but….it is cooked with the cheapest palm oil, (cholesterol!), msgm, plenty of white sugar, pesticide treated veggies, if there are any….

  2. I can’t believe it’s so cheap! That’s amazing! Our favorite Thai restaurant breaks the bank when we are all done! I’d like to say the Pad Thai looks great, but the cashew chicken, well, I think I’d need twice that amount! We love to eat out and try new things, but because of what Evina says, we don’t do it much anymore. You know, though, even with all I’ve learned trying to fix our “minor health issues,” I don’t think that I’d trade all the neat/ethnic/fabulous restaurants we tried in the past. I think I’d just have worked harder to keep processed foods, sugar, flour, vegetable oils out of my cooking at home. That’s how I basically approach my kids now. At home, we eat THIS way. At a restaurant, you may splurge (barring true allergies, of course). WIth my stupid food intolerances, I have to wade through menus pretty hard so it’s not so much fun for me.

    • I think that is such a smart way of going about it with your kids! Everyone needs a little splurge in moderation. I think once we get back from our trip back to the USA, I will probably learn enough Thai to ask for no msg, and be more wary of what’s in our food, or maybe even cook myself. That is a novel idea haha.

  3. Yuuuuum! Actually I haven’t had my dinner yet and now I’m starving! Seriously though, I can’t wait to come to Thailand in the summer. I love local food but I have to watch the nuts though as I have nut allergies but that aside, let me at it I say!

      • I know. It makes me sad 😦
        However, I found another blogger who has worse allergies than I have and she found a way around this. She also told me the right words to say so I’m very hopeful. I’ll have to dig them out before we go though otherwise, I’ll be sticking my iphone out everywhere looking for a dictionary!!
        Thanks babe 🙂

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