Wednesday Write-Up: Worries Be Gone

I am not usually a worrier.  I have pretty easily adopted an “anything can happen anywhere” attitude while we have been on the road. But I have to admit that these past couple of weeks, I have been worrying.

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We are heading back to visit family and friends in less than three weeks, and I feel like my mind is about to implode with all the fear and worry I have been feeling. The insane part of this is that I am worried about going back to our home town!

We have now spent time in 14 different cities around the world since we left America almost a year ago. We have taken 29 flights, countless train and bus rides, and pretty much used every other form of transportation  (well, not a horse and buggy… yet).  We have eaten all sorts of food. We have been around all types of people. I have not been worried about any of those things, as much as I am about visiting our old home.

In all honesty, I do not usually worry, I think the fact that we are just heading “home” is making it much different from our other travels. I do enjoy writing about all aspects of our travel life though, and I guess my crazy, silly worries should be included. So here they are for your enjoyment and my sanity…

1) Our  Health

Well, actually Zoë’s health. We have had our fair share of flus and colds in Zoë’s lifetime, almost monthly really . But colds and flus don’t faze me. I am confident that my child is going to be the healthiest, most physically well-adjusted child I know because she has literally been subject to different germs all the way around the world. We all get sick, and normal sicknesses such as these are uncomfortable, but necessary in my opinion.

Flus and colds are not what I am worried about obviously. I am worried about illnesses such as this new polio type of illness that has struck 25 kids in California. I am worried about measles, and tuberculosis and all the other scary things that a kid can get.

I know that most of the places we have visited have these illnesses as well, but for some reason I feel like we will be more exposed in America.  Maybe it is that we are going to be seeing so many people in a three week period, or maybe it is the fear mongering media that seems to be the norm back home getting to me. Regardless, this worry is totally asinine. I know I need to get over it and trust that God will keep us healthy (and wash our hands A TON!).

2) Time Management

I am worried as to how we will be able to give enough time to family and friends, while still doing things just the three of us. Both sides of our family are large and both want all our time (who wouldn’t really.. I mean come on, we’re family), but luckily they already are trying to be kind and not pressure us too much about exactly how much time we spend with each side. This is when I wish that both sides of our family lived on a big commune and we could just all spend time together without the push and pull of going from place to place.

Chad and I have a lot of friends back home as well that we really want to see and catch up with (hopefully they have been reading this blog, so we can catch up with all the traveling stuff quickly and I can hear about their lives). It will be hard to make time for everyone, as everyone has their own schedules and responsibilities as well.

Three weeks goes quickly, but Chad and I are of the mind set that we will have a couple of scheduled things, but besides that we are remaining fluid. No set plans. I still worry though that it will be stressful and people with spend more time complaining about the time they do not get instead of loving the time they do. And for my family and friends that read this, I am not speaking of anyone in particular… I promise!

3) Eating Too Much

Wow, seriously what a first world problem. I almost feel guilty about stating this one. But so far on our travels, I have been conscientious enough (don’t let me fool you, it was mostly luck) to not have doubled in size with all of the wonderful food I have eaten along the way.

Everything is bigger in America though, I know you have all seen the pictures or experienced it for yourselves, the food (and drinks) that are served in most restaurants are big enough to share or split into two or three meals anywhere else.

I do not have any particular cravings for food in the States except for big, beautiful salads, so I am hoping that that will save me from having to buy a new larger wardrobe. It is very easy to get used to eating larger portions again though, so I know that if I share meals with others and watch myself, I can still enjoy all the delicious food that Santa Rosa has to offer. I think this worry is not that crazy, as it is going to cause me to be aware of what I am eating and stay healthy. But still, it’s a worry.

4) Saying Good-Bye Again

This is the one that worries me the most. Leaving the first time was heart wrenching, and that was before Z really knew what was going on. I can personally deal with the long distance relationships with family and friends, but I still struggle having Z so far from everyone. It breaks my heart to hear her ask for her grandparents, and to talk about her aunties and uncles and cousins. I do not know if it will be easier as she gets older and can understand the distance more, or if that will make it harder.

Regardless of how it will be in the future years, this year I am worried that we are traumatizing her by taking her away from her family again. The logical side of me says that many grandparents live far from their grandchildren and they all turn out just fine. The realist side of me says that Zoë has been given a year long crash course in saying “See you later” instead of good-bye and will handle it just fine… Children are much more flexible and resilient than us parents. Still, I do not want to hear her little cartoon voice say good-bye to those she loves, it makes me sad. I don’t worry that she can handle it, I guess, I worry that I can.


Whew, I feel better now, just getting those off my chest and seeing them in print. Hopefully , I will be able to get past them and enjoy myself while we are there. This is not like me at all, so I am trying a different approach to combat my crazies.

Thank you for reading and please comment with your thoughts. What are some of the things you worry about when you travel?

Philippians 4:6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.



16 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-Up: Worries Be Gone

  1. Worry is such an insidious thing isn’t it. Here we would call it a snowball effect of things growing bigger and bigger as they roll over in your mind. Although it is hard to turn a switch off some meditation helps me when things get going as you describe. Perhaps when you get home people can come to visit you rather than you running around trying to fit everyone in. I’ve heard from other young families that works well. Good luck and deep breathing is a good thing. 🙂

  2. I was thinking the same thing as sueslaght. That is what we tried to do when we came in from Eureka. Sounds so silly with a 230 mile trip, but back in the horse and buggy day it seemed as though we were coming from across the world. The timeshare situation caused stress and irritation so we stayed in one place, be it hotel or a family home and invited people to come visit us. Sadly, we discovered that many a folk would not put that much effort into seeing us. It shortened the Christmas card list at least. :))
    As you have mentioned before, expectations are the death of enjoyment. Just let things flow. I am praying that God will help us to live in the moment and savor them, not dwelling on the impending departure. I WILL be thankful for the time!! (Greatly increasing my prayer life!)
    I’ll include your concerns in my prayers and encourage you to see this as a delightful destination in your travels as you have done so at all your other stops.
    Now, I must go make restaurant reservations for us! Teehee teasing

  3. Oh my goodness! Stop worrying!!! I hear you with all your worries and stresses but if your thinking about it now, it takes away from living in the moment and that cuts time away from your adventures- breathe 🙂
    Ok so in my experience and we have lived away from family and friends more than not. Max (eldest) was whisked away from grandparents etc when he was 6months and we didn’t go home again until he was two (only for a three week stint) and then Alex was born in the US and nobody met him until they visited when he was almost 1. The boys have a wonderful relationship with all their grandparents and LOVE spending time with them. Saying goodbye is hard but only if you don’t look forward to saying ‘hello’
    You just have to enjoy your time at home, only do and see what you want to do, remember your I charge of your family :). Good luck and know it is going to be wonderful if you let it. Ok lecture over

  4. I’m sure it’s mainly the hecticness and reconnecting getting to you. As for the first – I have started arranging events where we basically say we’ll be at X place for a huge chunk of the day (say four hours) – drop in! We usually pick a park with the types of facilities any age group can enjoy (e.g. playground near a beach with BBQs).

    It’s surprising how many people shuffle around and turn up. Compare that to the reaction with contacting everyone and saying, “When shall we catch up?” By the time everyone’s finished waffling on about the thing they have to get done before Tuesday and their cousin’s basketball game your holiday’s over.

    Of course you can’t always catch everyone and it still seems to short a time for others.

    When our kids get home they often want to Skype with their grandparents a bit more -just to check that they’re still out there somewhere :). But after a brief hello they don’t seem affected.

  5. I like what your mom said about expectations! I always talk about expectations with my hubby before a trip. We often have different ones, and I wouldn’t know had we not talked about it before! And then I talk to my friends or family that we may be visiting or traveling with about expectations and what our plans are and how we flow. Easier than them being mad at me later. I wouldn’t worry about those diseases or about your lovely figure! Those things will be fine. I worry about all that other stuff, though, too! I will pray you have a wonderful, refreshing visit! ~~ Terri

  6. I can’t imagine what you’ve experienced after visiting so many places (14 countries?!)…it must be a strange thing indeed to plan the return home. Something that helped me when I struggled with worry/anxiety a number of years ago – “Most things you worry about never happen.” 😉

  7. You’re going to have a wonderful time back home. Try not to worry. We all get a little anxious when we’re back with our loved ones and the people who love us the most. Remember that. 🙂

    OK. Health wise: I think it’s a media thing. You’ve already been through countries where apparently, we all die on the spot, so you’re good to go.
    Time management: Skype is your friend. Try NOT to attempt to see everyone. You’ll get worn out. That is why we have garden parties and BBQ. Have a party for friends and family. Call the others, or send a postcard.
    Eating too much: Get a smaller plate. Much smaller! Drink water rather than coke. Talk more while eating so that you don’t actually eat that much…but don’t deny yourself. You’re home!
    Saying goodbye: “Z” is a lovely child who will be delighted by getting spoilt by friends and family. She’ll be fine. Children are much stronger than we think. Remember why you’re even on this journey at all. Her future. And yours.

    Last words. Breath. Enjoy the moments. Take loads of photos and videos. Breath again, and then when the time comes, cry a little and then take the plane and come back to what you consider as “home.”

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