“Who I Am and Why I’m Here”

My mom has started a blog and is looking for some feedback on how to get started and hone her craft. Would all you lovely people out there read her post and let her know what your thoughts are in the comments? Thanks!

Much to Be Thankful For!

Okay, I may be a a complete dork but after watching “Julie and Julia” I was really really enthused about starting a blog but was not sure what to blog about.
My first attempt started as a travel blog to share our trip to France with our family and friends at home. I was not at all proficient (understatement) at blogging or accessing the internet easily in France.

When we returned home the desire to blog didn’t leave but I had no idea what to blog about. I do a bit of online journalling that is private but my hope was that I might be able to write something that would be of encouragement or source of some joy for other or perhaps build an online community of people with similar hobbies or interests. I admit, my first post on dealing with menopause was not that vehicle! :0) But, the…

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