Wednesday Write-Up: Spiritual Lesson Learned

Every Tuesday for the past five weeks I have made my way to Grace Baptist Church near the Gongguan area of Taipei to attend Bible Study Fellowship. I  have really enjoyed studying and discussing the Bible with my discussion group, a wonderful group of Taiwanese women that have been incredibly warm and welcoming.  I loved getting to know my group,  women of faith walking their love of Christ instead of just talking it. And the fact that they study the Bible and discuss it in English (I was the only native English speaker!) was just awe-inspiring. I do not know that I will ever be proficient enough in another language to do something like join a bible study using it, I can barely function using English!

I was captivated by the stories of what many of the ladies in my group had to go through to be Christian here in Taipei. It helped me put in perspective how easy we Christians have it in America.  We may get persecuted to a certain extent back in the States, but it is rare to hear about someone being ostracized from their family because they choose to be a Christian.  Or maybe I just grew up in a more accepting area, because I always felt that my beliefs were not an issue for those I was in contact with, or at least people seemed to quietly tolerate them.  I have honestly never felt hated because of my faith (well, except for in the media occasionally, but that’s a story for another day, very very far in the future, if ever). I think that many people in my home town (maybe all of America, but I hate to speak for such large numbers of people) think the same that I do, that everyone should have the freedom to have faith in what they wish. My time attending the Taipei BSF has really made me realize that I need to be thankful that I am able to state my beliefs and share them without fear of recourse.

I have often prayed and asked God what He wants me to learn on this trip that he has so generously blessed us with. I think that this may be one of the lessons (among so many others so far, a few of my previous blog posts can fill you in on those) that He wants me to grasp and act on. I have lived in a bubble for so long as far as my faith goes, that I often hear stories about people persecuted for their faith, but have spent little, to no time actually, thinking or praying for those that struggle in a society where freedom of religion is not a right (either politically or societally) . Attending this bible study has been a wonderful lesson in empathy and love for me. If you pray, please help me in praying for the wonderful ladies here in BSF, as well as all the Christians here in Taiwan.

Now on a totally different note, the countdown has begun, we have 12 days left in Taiwan, so the packing needs to begin. Seriously how is it that I can accumulate so much crap stuff in three months?!? More on that fun topic later…


Wednesday Write-Up: And Now a Post about Nothing In Particular

I do not know why I am having a hard time knowing what to write today. I have plenty to write about this week, but choosing just one thing is not working for my brain. Maybe it is the fact that for some reason, Zoë woke up two times last night thinking it was morning and wanting to play, and I am tired. Maybe it is because I am over-thinking it. Maybe it’s because it is raining outside and that automatically makes me lazier. Where are you sunshine!?!?
All these excuses reasons aside, I have decided to do what is easiest for me and just tell you what is new and exciting in my life here in Taipei. Why choose one subject, when I can inundate enlighten you with everything I have been enjoying!
Three weeks ago I started attending Bible Study Fellowship here in Taipei. I joined the study back in California a couple of years ago, and have loved the time with other women of faith, as well as the opportunity to learn more about my God and His Word. The current study is of the book of Matthew and so far I am finding it fascinating. It is such a trip for me to be able to continue participating in BSF while I am here in Taipei.
This week is the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Taiwan, so everyone has a four day weekend starting tomorrow. This doesn’t really affect Chad and I, except that more of our friends are available to hang out. Hooray!
I am very excited for tomorrow night because we are going to have dinner with a family that I have been wanting to see since we arrived here. I gave Angela and Andy private english lessons when we lived here five years ago and grew close with their whole family. I have kept in contact with them through Facebook and I am ecstatic to be able to see them again!
Chad and I have been scouring the internet to find an inexpensive flight to get to Thailand. It turns out the price of flights to Bangkok have increased since we were here last, who would have thought… Anyways, I am getting excited to be in Thailand again. Mostly, I am drooling in anticipation of the excellent food there… and of course the beauty of the landscape, the friendly locals, and the wonderful shopping are a plus, too. Food always comes first, am I right?
Despite my anticipation for what is to come, I will be sad to leave our friends and everything else that makes Taiwan so wonderful. But I have another month here to enjoy, so I am taking every advantage. I wonder if Chad would agree that I should have girls nights out every other night? Hmmm…

We need your help! We are considering Hua Hin, Thailand for a place to settle for a few months. Have any of you been there before, or know someone that has? I have read up on it on the internet, but getting information from someone you know is worth its weight in gold! Or if there is anywhere else that you think is a must-see please leave a comment and let us know why! Thanks!