There are many situations in life that teach us that we must be emotionally and mentally flexible.

For example, I had planned on writing a wonderful post about Eslite, a fantastic chain of bookstores here in Taiwan that are known as the some of the best in the world. Zoë and I visited one earlier this week in preparation for this post. We both enjoyed it immensely.

Unfortunately, that post will have to wait until next week. If you had a chance to read my last post about Zoë’s febrile seizure (if you haven’t, you can check it out here) on Wednesday afternoon, you may understand why the Eslite post must wait. Zoë’s fever has continued and we have had to be hyper-vigilant to keep her temperature down in the normal range. So Chad and I are running on little sleep, much stress, and even more prayer. This momma is tired and I don’t want to write a “thing to do” post while my brain is running on low fuel. I am praying that Zoë is fever free as of today and that our lives will return to normal. If you would send your prayers or good thoughts that would be much appreciated!

One thing about travel of any kind, whether it is long-term or short, with or without children, you learn quickly to be flexible. This week has been an emotionally draining and scary lesson in flexibility. But in all the things that we experience on this trip, whether bad or good, I am still incredibly thankful to be on this journey.

Thank you again for following us along our adventures!

Wednesday Write-Up: Horrible Adventure

Sometimes you get more adventure than you bargained for. Sometimes an adventure is not good at the time, but scary and horrible. We had one of those adventures yesterday.

Yesterday was Wednesday here in Taipei (yes I am a bit late in posting this article…you will understand why soon). Chad went to go work on his book at a nearby coffee shop. Zoë and I went to an awesome indoor play area, aptly named Playspace (their website here, you will need to use google to translate. Or you can find english information on it here ) for the second time in as many days.

Playing at Playspace Photo By Jennifer Mitchell

Playing at Playspace
(c) andthreetogo

Zoë and I were both excited to go and play again. The day before we had played together with the wonderful array of quality toys and educational tasks for three hours. I was looking forward to letting her play in their amazing sand box as long as she wanted. It was supposed to be a enriching and fun time together.

We arrived at our destination and Zz played in the sand for a bit, but was a bit lethargic and cranky. She didn’t want to play with the other children and after 45 minutes she was ready to go home. We hopped in a taxi and she felt hot, like she had a fever. I texted Chad what was going on and that once we arrived at home, I was planning on taking her temp and giving her some advil if she indeed did have a fever.

I carried Zoë into the house and took her temp right away, it was 102.2 so I got out the Ibuprofen quickly and attempted to open it one handed as I held her.

That is when she went limp. I jostled her in my arms, calling her name and turned her head to me. Her eyes were open, but she was completely unresponsive. I called her name over and over, trying to wake her as I somehow managed to grab my purse and put on my shoes to leave for the hospital.

I remembered as I was almost out the door that I needed her passport. I ran back to try to find it… where the heck did I put it?!?! That is when she started to seize. She tensed up and twitched, making a clicking sound in her throat. I knew exactly what was happening, I have seen other children go through this when I worked in doctor offices, but I was still freaking out. I gave up on finding the passports and ran out the door with my unconscious baby mid-seizure, not even shutting the front door behind me.

I, of course, was out of minutes on my phone, but was still able to text Chad to “Call me mow” (its the best I could do while running down the hill). He called right away, I yelled, “She’s having a seizure, meet me at the hospital.” I do not know how I made it down the hill so fast, but I know that the whole time I was holding my still unconscious, but no longer seizing baby, screaming for someone to please help me. No one did, they all just stared, which makes sense since I was speaking english.

After I had run for about a quarter mile, a wonderful english speaking lady on a scooter stopped and gave me and Zoë a ride to the hospital. It was such a god-send, normally there is no way I would take Zoë on a scooter, especially helmet-less, but I was so thankful that we were able to get to the emergency room so quickly. I am by no means a runner, there is a meme that I love, it says “I would never run with scissors, actually those last two words were unnecessary.” It was pure endorphins that made me able to run so fast and far holding a limp 30 pound toddler.

I ran into the ER, screamed “She’s having a seizure” and was rushed right back to a bed, where a team of about ten people started her on an IV, placed her on oxygen, took all her vitals and got her history and information within 2 minutes of being there.

Chad got there about 10 minutes later, after Zoë had been treated for her high fever (103.6 F!!!) and was resting. Both of us were in shock at what was going on. Chad and I prayed together and alone for God to heal her and that the time in the hospital would not be traumatic for Z. The doctors informed us of the possible causes of the seizure, but definitely leaned towards a febrile seizure. A febrile seizure happens when a child, usually between the ages of 0-6 years old, spikes a fever so fast that their body can’t handle it and it causes a short seizure.

Despite the fact that all the facts pointed to a febrile seizure, the doctors still performed tests checking for any other possible cause as well as the cause of the fever. The care was excellent and efficient. The staff made a terrible situation into a manageable one.

Within two hours, Zoë had napped and woken up hungry and thirsty and ready to say “no” to everything we said. Our girl was back to normal! Thank you Jesus!!!

Eating Raisins and Chatting Away Photo by Chad R. Mitchell

Eating Raisins and Chatting Away

We waited in the ER for the next 4 hours waiting for test results, then were told that the fever was probably caused by a virus, as they couldn’t find anything else wrong with her. The kind doctor said we should give her ibuprofen every 6 hours and if the fever got any higher to bring her back. With that we picked up a prescription for Ibuprofen and headed home.

Zoë slept soundly all night, although Chad and I were up often, checking her temperature and her breathing. Today, she is back to her normal self and cutely telling us “Mommy, Daddy, look ZZ’s tattoo (what she calls her bandage from the IV), see but don’t touch.” She is running around the house and imagining that she is Tinkerbell and is flying with her magic feather. She loves to mix and match Disney movies.

Chad and I are spoiling our little girl today and I started to say to her earlier, “What a lucky girl you are,” but I had to stop myself. We are the lucky ones, we are the amazingly blessed people that get to raise and enjoy this gift from God. We are so blessed to have her. We knew that before, but something about going through this together, gives me a renewed sense of love and responsibility.

My Two Favorite People, I am Truly Blessed Photo By Jennifer Mitchell

My Little Family, I am Truly Blessed
(c) andthreetogo

Sometimes we get more adventure than we expected in our lives. Sometimes those adventures are bad in the moment. Regardless of the positive or negative nature of an adventure, we have them to grow and expand our lives. The adventure that all three of us lived through yesterday has given me a new realization of God’s true blessings that he has given me. God is good!

How precious is Your loving kindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. Psalm 36:7