Wednesday Write-Up: And Now For Something Completely Different

Yesterday, we did something that was completely different from normal for us. We went and met with an international model agent to see about possibly getting some jobs while we stay in Taiwan.

Foreigners, especially those that are blonde and blue eyed, are desired for tons of advertising here in Taiwan. Many of our friends have done some modeling or TV work while living here , so we thought we would give it a try.

A friend of ours hooked us up with one of the agents that he gets jobs from. We emailed her some head-shots (poorly done ones we did ourselves) and she jumped at the chance to have us come in. Now, you may think that I am being conceited by saying that, but in all reality I doubt that she even noticed what Chad and I looked like. I would bet a million dollars that all the agent saw in that email was the picture of our two-year old blonde haired, blue eyed girl with rosy cheeks (someone recently asked me if I put makeup on her). Zoë may end up earning her keep after all.

The appointment was yesterday. We packed up our two outfits each (one casual, one formal) and took a taxi to Tienmu, a suburb of Taipei that is about a half-hour away drive from where we are staying.

I have to say that I was nervous. I am not the best in front of a camera, in fact, most of my good pictures were taken of me when I was unaware someone was taking a picture of me. But I was excited too, I love trying new things, and this was definitely new!

When we arrived, the agent, Penny, showed us to an amazing play room that had every kind of toy you could think of. Zoë was beyond elated! She played happily while Chad and I gave our information and had our measurements taken, then it was time for Zoë’s photo shoot.

I am not bragging, but Zoë is very photogenic. We rarely get a bad picture of her and neither did the photographer at the agency. Z seemed to have fun and certainly didn’t mind the attention.


Zoë’s First Photo Shoot
(c) andthreetogo

Chad and I had our photos taken and it was pretty uneventful. Chads pictures turned out fantastic (the photogenic gene comes from him). They kept asking me to pose and I instinctively wanted to do the typical Taiwanese pose flashing the peace sign, but I resisted. I just did some catalog type poses and tried to look natural, but I have a feeling that I just looked constipated uncomfortable.

All-in-all, it was a ton of fun for Zoë and us. There is a possibility that Z will get hired to do a high-end baby clothing catalog. Both Chad and I have some misgivings now about Zoë’s picture being used so publicly, so we are discussing and praying about what the right thing to do is. Whatever we decide though, we did try something very different yesterday and it was exciting to try something new. And who knows, this could be our big break…. The Mitchell modeling family.

Until then, I am going to continue on in my present employment, writing my blog and being a mom and wife, which I think are the best jobs ever!


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